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Born in Milan, Italy to Salvadoran parents, he has over fifteen years of experience as a DJ and through these past years creating his own music. He is considered an authentic and expert assembly event planner; his charisma and creativity have enabled him prominently in the scene of Salvadorans DJs. Zander is also a renowned producer and talented entrepreneur.


In 2000 he began his career as a DJ, he started his academic formation in a Mexico school of DJs, and once concluded he carried out several seminars in sound and production. Moving forward in 2006 he began his career as a radio DJ. And in 2008 participated in a contest of DJs in a youth program organized by "Buena Onda del Canal 33" being the winner of the competition, and afterward becoming the Official Dj with the theme of electronic music.

On each opportunity that an international DJ has a live performance in El Salvador, Zander has been present opening each event because he is capable of combining various musical styles in his productions and live events like House, Progressive House, Electro House, Dance, Latin music, among other genres.

Currently it's recognized as one of the most important DJs production in the country. He has conquered the audience with his versatile in mixing his music with magic in their productions and concerts. The most important piece of his production is leading the market with his talent to be versatility when mixing his music, something that distinguish him from other DJs producers who usually specialize only in a certain genre. Zander on each event surprises his audience with new blends, making them trending, with his signature touch on and distinguish charisma.


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